1. You are allocated an operating budget £55 million for your team line-ups during the season - for each race you recruit two Drivers and two Constructors who each incur a cost.
  2. Unspent Team budgets from one Race will be rolled over into the next race.
  3. Driver and Constructor prices will be recalculated after each race, based on their performance over a rolling 12 month period. For example, once the Australian G.P. is complete each Driver's and Team's price for the next race will be re-calculated on the Total 2016 season points scored minus the 2016 Australian GP plus the 2017 Australian GP points, and so on after each race.
  4. You cannot submit the same Driver or Constructor more than once for the same race, e.g. choose Alonso as your two Drivers for the Monaco Grand Prix.
  5. Driver and Constructor prices will be calculated using the points they have scored in OUR predictor league over the previous 12 months, rather than only the points they have earned in the official F1 championship.
  6. Each team will be given 5 'Jokers' to play on any race over the season. A Joker played before a race weekend starts will double the points scored by your team over the weekend.
  7. Your Team can be altered between Grand Prixs but not during a Grand Prix weekend, which runs from the start of the First Practice session until the end of the Race itself during each Grand Prix weekend.
  8. The current1 race calendar is:

  9. Date (DD-MM-YYYY) Country
    27-11-2017Abu Dhabi
  10. If you fail to submit your Team for a Race before First Practice begins, your submission for the previous Race will be used provided it will be within your current Race Budget (see Rule 11). This will prevent any Team from being excessively penalised for late or no submission of a Team line-up. No Joker for the current race will be applied in this circumstance whether you had one applied in the previous Race or not.
  11. If your team has been rolled over unchanged from one race to the next, and your Team's value is above your current rolling Budget, then the MOST EXPENSIVE component of your Team will be dropped from your Line-up. This will bring your Budget spend for the Race within your current Budget allowance. However you will also be fined £10 million for the CURRENT Race weekend, as you should not be intentionally or unintentionally spending more than your current Budget. This could also result in you losing the SECOND MOST EXPENSIVE component of your Team for the CURRENT Race, dependent upon how much your overspend is. If you have some unspent Budget left (after the Fine and dropping Team components) then this will be rolled over into the following Race's unspent Budget value.
  12. There are a number of ways in which your Drivers and Constructors can score Points (see below for an example).

  13. Final Race Position - DriversFinal Race Position - Constructors
    1st Place : 25 Points1st Place : 25 Points
    2nd Place : 18 Points2nd Place : 18 Points
    3rd Place : 15 Points3rd Place : 15 Points
    4th Place : 12 Points4th Place : 12 Points
    5th Place : 10 Points5th Place : 10 Points
    6th Place : 8 Points6th Place : 8 Points
    7th Place : 6 Points7th Place : 6 Points
    8th Place : 4 Points8th Place : 4 Points
    9th Place : 2 Points9th Place : 2 Points
    10th Place : 1 Point10th Place : 1 Point
    Fastest Lap During Race : 5 PointsFastest Pit Stop : 5 Points
    Pole Position in Qualifying : 5 PointsBest Combined Qualifying Performance : 5 Points
    Complete the Race : 5 PointsBoth Constructor's Cars Finish the Race : 5 Points
  14. Here is an example of the scoring system using results from the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne in 2013 with a team comprised of :

  15. DriversConstructors
    Driver 1 : Alonso (£15.39 million)Constructor 1 : Mercedes (£16.32 million)
    Driver 2 : Grosjean (£11.73 million)Constructor 2 : Sauber (£10.14 million)
    Driver 1 : 18 Points - Final Race PositionConstructor 1 : 8 Points - Combined Race Position
    Driver 1 : 5 Bonus PointsConstructor 1 : 0 Bonus Points
    DRIVER 1 TOTAL : 23 Points CONSTRUCTOR 1 TOTAL : 8 Points
    Driver 2 : 1 Points - Final Race PositionConstructor 2 : 1 Points - Combined Race Position
    Driver 2 : 5 Bonus PointsConstructor 2 : 0 Bonus Points
    DRIVER 2 TOTAL : 6 PointsCONSTRUCTOR 2 TOTAL : 1 Points
  16. The Constructor placings will be determined by addition of the Points scored by both a Constructor's Drivers for each Race, with the lowest scoring constructor placing first and the highest scoring constructor placing tenth. In the event of a tie between Constructors for a particular Race, each Constructor would score the Points for that placing. For example, if 3 Constructors tied for 4th place, then each of the 3 constructors would score 12 Points.
  17. If any Constructor teams are tied for Best Combined Qualifying Performance, then all tied teams will score 5 Points.
  18. The Driver Placing, Constructor Placing, Fastest Lap Time, Fastest Pitstop and Completed Race Points will all be determined using the official www.formula1.com results. The Fastest Pitstop is determined from data on the FIA's website, with the time being from when the Driver enters the pitlane until they exit it after their stop.
  19. A driver will be deemed to have completed the race if he is not listed as having retired from the race on www.formula1.com - if a driver finishes the race but has been lapped by the race winner then they will be deemed to have completed the race and will score the 5 point bonus.

* Disclaimer - The Dictator-in-Chief of the League does not accept responsibility if you suffer any symptoms due to the thrilling effects of being part of this league. Please consult your G.P. if you experience any shortness of breath, arrythmia, sweaty palms or homicidal tendencies towards fellow League members during the course of the season.

1 Subject to change by the FIA.